Why research?

Our team is passionate about accelerating the outcomes of education, health and medical research, We believe the exploration of issues, the collection of evidence and the investigation of solutions and recovery, are some of the most urgent activities of our time. We recognise that critical time is taken up with the logistics of research and service delivery - lots of paper, surveys and data entry. Our mission is to make your life easier by converting these workflows into seamless online experiences that can be delivered in real time, whether remote, facilitated or face to face.

From inspiration to publication

Why mobile?

Joindup has been developing Apps since 2008, for all platforms and devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and the mobile web. Mobile has taken over as the predominant method for users to access information and participate with their interests and services. This bring key advantages, including the ability to collect much deeper data and at much greater scale, unrestricted by geographical or timezone limitations.


Find long form articles in the hidden depths of Twitter

Before you embark on your research, you will be widely read on your chosen subject. But some of the best, most current, or controversial material is hidden away.

Readable™ scans through Twitter to identify tweets that contain links to long form articles - then converts them into an easy-to-read format that you can save and share.

You can save articles to read offline and you can add your own Twitter account(s).

Readable’s powerful search enables you to find tags, names, users, lists or accounts - and cite more up to date articles.

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Where research, training and service delivery combine

Say goodbye to paper flyers, letters, surveys and training that attract low participation rates.

Let Timelines help you collect data using mobile devices your participants already carry with them - and will want to use.

Reports, reminders and rewards are generated in real time and available to any combination of Administrators, Staff and Consumers.

Timelines is designed to accommodate whichever combination of remote, facilitated or face to face sessions you want to run.

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Publish for Impact

Strategic publishing decisions made fast

The benefits of publishing your academic research into the right journal are significant. Publish for Impact identifies journal impact in seconds.

Using a combination of journal databases and other academic lists, you can customise and save shortlists to identify where to publish and help you, and your institution, get the recognition you deserve.

Your research or library outreach team can create their ultimate cross referenced database of journals using their preferred methodology and lists.

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Are you a high achieving student looking for articles and commentary that are more relevant, contextual and current than your textbooks?  Readable automatically finds new articles in Twitter, one of the most powerful sources of new thinking and links.


Timelines is a better way to provide service delivery, research and training. By building a sequence of engagement, your staff and participants get a guided path through surveys, rewards and reports. Delivered via an App or on the web for more effective outcomes. 

Publish for Impact

Publish for Impact integrates a range of academic journal databases into one, simple, powerful interface. Use the fast and efficient "super-search” to identify strategic publishing decisions in real time and deliver the most impact for you and your institution. 

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