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Transform your research

Transform your research

Joindup provide mobile products and services to improve outcomes; before, during and after your research.

We provide:

Discovery Timeline™ to deliver participant based studies, programs and campaigns

ResearchKit™ modules for Discovery Timeline

Readable™ to help you find quality literature on Twitter

Publish for Impact™ to help academics and institutions target their research publications

From inspiration to publication

Our services are designed specifically to tackle the challenges of modern research or a public services project:

Onboarding (Eligibility, consent, stepped permissions, etc.)

Study-specific investigations
(Real-time, low-friction surveys, active tasks, etc.)

Real-time data management
(Participant roles, conditional content, dashboards, etc.)

(Flexible and secure data sharing models, etc.)

Say goodbye to flyers, letters, and paper surveys that attract low response and participation rates. Struggling to customise an off-the-shelf software for your research purposes? Let us help you get measured, quantatitive, objective, real-time data - using mobile devices your participants already carry with them and will want to use.

Check out our services below:

Discovery Timeline™

During your research

The only survey engine designed for research

Discovery Timeline™ is our research-focused backend service, with dashboards to control; ethics, consent, privacy, and the ability to customise, content, roles, participants and tasks.

Export as CSV, JSON or XML to play nice with Excel, SPSS, Tableau and others, or use our API.

Store on secure servers, virtual or bare metal, based in the country of your choice.

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ResearchKit™ modules for Discovery Timeline

Before and during your research

The revolutionary new way to build Apps

If you are running a project or research using our Dsicovery Timeline service, you might need sensor based data capture, such as heart rate or physical activity.

In March 2015, Apple released an open source App development framework, ResearchKit, designed to create Apps specifically for research. We use this framework to build powerful modules we can include in Discovery Timeline.

Collect more powerful data, from more people, in real-time, regardless of where they are.

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Publish for Impact™

After your research

Strategic publishing decisions made fast

The benefits of publishing your academic research into the right journal are significant. Publish for Impact identifies Journal Impact in seconds.

Using a combination of journal databases and other academic lists, you can customise and save shortlists to identify where to publish and help you, and your institution, get the recognition you deserve.

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The importance of new literature

A range of sensors at your disposal

Discover the hidden depths in Twitter™

Before you embark on your research, you will be widely read on your chosen subject.

But some of the best material is hidden away.

Readable™ scans through tweets to identify links to quality literature and then converts them into easy-to-read articles.

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Your technology partner - for better outcomes

Engage Joindup as your technology partner, and transform your research with mobile technology.

All you need to make a real impact

- Take advantage of the billions of mobile devices around the world we keep with us every day.
- Increase the volume of data and the frequency of collection.
- Engage with participants across larger geographical areas.
- Cross-reference journal databases to identify maximum impact.

Joindup’s connected research tools put you and your participants at the centre of your project.

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